National Wildlife Federation resources

Activity ideas and nature-inspired lesson plans for different age are available on the National Wildlife Federation’s website. Their Early Child Health Outdoors (ECHO) initiative resource page has How-To Guides for creating outdoor play areas, as well as a section subtitled Nature Play at Home, which has many ideas for incorporating outdoor play into early childhood learning.

Another section of their website, Lesson Plans and Webinars has several .pdfs available for download with complete nature-themed lesson plans.

Little Pine Learners

This site has a myriad of activity and arts and crafts ideas for kids. Many activities make use of cardboard. We particularly like the following posts on making rolled beeswax candles and leaf identification tiles:

Tinkergarten Activities – Tinkergarten (a company that provides nature-based classes for young learners) has a compendium of fun activities, many of which are outdoors focused, to do with children.