Bookshark has a set, physical-book based curriculum for children that are from pre-school age up through high-school age. Carefully designed curricula include math, science, and literature for specific age groups. A major plus of Bookshark is the strong emphasis on physical books, rather than digital resources, which are more-or-less omnipresent in our technology saturated culture. The book selections are also tailored to fit specific curricular goals. Another draw to this system is that it used can be used alone or as a complement to other curricula.

Oak Meadow

This curriculum is inspired by nature and incorporated crafts and outdoor themes in a way that feels rather Waldorf-esque. While private Waldorf schools can have very high tuition, the Oak Meadow homeschooling curriculum for all grades is a fraction of the cost of a private school.

Classical Academic Press

Rather than set curricula for individual grade levels, Classical Academic Press’ curricula are subject-oriented and can be used for children of multiple ages. You can find teaching materials for Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as the sciences in their online store. Additionally, their affiliated ScholĂ© Academy provides online courses in many different subjects, and the St. Raphael School within ScholĂ© Academy provides religious-oriented instruction from the perspective of the Orthodox Church, with course offerings on iconography and theology.