Many companies that sell toys, teaching resources, and various childrens’ items also have useful and excellent printables for homeschooling. Here is a compendium of some sites that have some very handy free resources available:

  1. Lakeshore Learning Printable Worksheets | Lakeshore® Learning Materials (
  2. Nova Naturals Nova Natural Activities
  3. Do-a-dot Art (made for use with Do-A-Dot Art markers) Free Printable’s – Do-A-Dot Art
  4. Highlights for Kids Printables | Highlights for Children
  5. Crayola — Site has coloring pages for both children and adults, as well as a “coloring and beyond” section with craft ideas at the bottom of the page. Free Coloring Pages |
  6. Maitri Learning Free Montessori Downloads – Maitri Learning